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Star Wars Light Up Chop Sabers adds some fun to the dining table

light_up_chop_sabersYou know, I would have figured out that Jedi Knights as well as Sith warriors who have mastered the different ways of the Force would not let anything like the inability to wield eating utensils in their proper manner and decorum would not be too perturbed. After all, they can always cajole some midichlorians within to bring that entire bowl of noodles near their mouth, where they can then slurp to their heart’s content without having to learn how to use a pair of chopsticks in the first place. However, the more sensitive ones out there might find a regular pair of chopsticks to be boring, which is why the $15.99 Star Wars Light Up Chop Sabers was created.

Best described as “an elegant utensil for a more civilized age”, these happen to be not-so-regular chopsticks that will actually light up and look like lightsabers, where you can choose from either Luke (blue) or Vader (red) models. Of course, you can keep them turned off as you eat in order to save battery thanks to the push-button light-up action. As for the sound effects of firing a lightsaber to life, you will just have to provide the hum yourself.