Star Wars Iron Man 2 Lamp Clock and MP3 Dock

We’re not too sure why this is called the Star Wars Iron Man 2 Lamp Clock and MP3 Dock, as there really isn’t any Star Wars reference to it at all. Perhaps it is a prophecy of things to come, where Tony Stark could actually go up against Darth Vader using a suit which is resistant to being manipulated by the Force? Who knows? What we do know is, this is one cute little Iron Man lamp that sports the Mark VI armor, where it also doubles up as an alarm clock to help you get out of bed and realize that in a million years you will never be able to measure up to Tony Stark’s lavish playboy lifestyle. Apart from that, you can plug it up to a compatible MP3 player to turn this into a speaker – now how’s that for functionality? Place a $49.99 pre-order today and watch it ship later this September.