Star Wars Helmet Digitally Scanned Replicas

Who among us has the money to spend on Star Wars memorabilia? The biggest and the best Star Wars fans, that’s who. We find a way to get that money. Even if it means not eating for a few days. And these helmet replicas are well worth the lost meals.

Available from eFx Collectibles, the Darth Vader and Stormtroopers helmet replicas are the key to the Imperial empires image. Do you see Luke Skywalker walking around with a bad-ass helmet? I think not. But then again, his space station doesn’t get totally wrecked either. But no matter. These helmets are awesome, even if they are a symbol of the evil in the universe.

These helmet replicas are digitally scanned to be reproduced to perfection. The fiberglass construction and padded interior make the helmets both comfortable to wear and as heavy-duty as the actual helmets, if the Stormtroopers or Darth have ever truly existed.

The Stormtrooper helmet will set you back close to $400, so you might want to save up a bit before cashing in. But don’t wait too long, supplies won’t last much longer. The Darth helmet is still unpriced, but that number will be coming soon enough.

Product Page via LikeCool