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Star Wars Darth Vader ViewMaster

vader-viewfinderIt does seem to me as though there are some franchises that simply cannot exhaust its revenue stream, simply because it is way too big to fail, and there is a new fan that is “born” every single minute. Star Wars is definitely one of them, and who thought that all the way back in 1977 when the movie was first released, it would have made such an impact in many cultures and the world of sci-fi movies? Well, still going strong after all this while thanks to a savvy marketing plan, ThinkGeek has come up with the $19.99 Star Wars Darth Vader ViewMaster which will certainly offer a blast from the past so that today’s kids will be able to enjoy what used to entertain you before for countless hours on end, before the advent of the likes of the Game Boy.

The Star Wars Darth Vader ViewMaster comes with a viewer and 3 reels, and best of all is, just in case someone starts to rib you about purchasing bootleg products, you can proudly tell them off that this is an officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. Despite arriving with just three reels, it will be good enough to convey a story from 21 different images, and to make things all the more foreboding, it comes with a Vader-themed case to stash those reels away. In addition, those reels from the past are also compatible with all View-Master viewers, so assuming you can track them down with a tracker droid, you would be able to show off to the younger generation proudly of your View-Master adventures when you were a wee lad.