Star Wars Darth Vader Humidifier – the congestion is strong with this one

Darth Vader Helmet Humidifier

It’s the winter months, which means dry air, catching a cold, and trying to wrap up in more layers than the center of an onion. There comes a point where you know the cold has settled in to hibernate, because you have a dry cough, runny nose, and are chilly with a high temperature. While taking medicine and relaxing will help, a humidifier can also help in making you more cozy while you wait out the storm.

If you don’t want to get a cutesy or generic bulky humidifier, why not comfort yourself with the terrifying glare of Darth Vader? This will add moisture to the room, allowing you to breathe easy. It seems funny since Vader isn’t exactly known for helping people feel better, or breathe at all. This uses anti-microbial technology, and will fight mold and mildew, though it will likely be a pain to clean out.

It can only hold 2 liters, but that should be plenty to help you sleep at night, and would only need to be refilled once or twice during the day. It’s conveniently-sized for traveling as it measures 9x12x11”, and weighs less than 3 pounds, before you put in the water of course. Since this is themed and relatively ornate for a simple humidifier, try not to scoff at the $59.99 price tag. Of course, any true Star Wars fan likely only sees that price tag as how many movie tickets they could buy with that money at the moment.