Star Wars Chop Sabers

Forget about the power of the fork, you have the Force to help you pick up those slippery noodles from a bowl and shove them into your mouth – strand by strand, thanks to the Star Wars Chop Sabers. Of course, you can always choose to align yourself to the Light Side or the Dark Side, it doesn’t matter – after all, money is neutral, and as long as you decide to part with £9.99, Firebox is willing to let you have your pair of saber chopsticks of your choice.
You can choose from Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker models, where they can be pre-ordered for a May 9th release. Perfect for holding that geek party while ordering Chinese food from a nearby takeaway. Bear in mind that these are officially licensed products from Lucasfilm and hail from Japan, so you might even want to bring these over to your favorite Japanese restaurant the next time you head out to eat.