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This Star Wars Chewbacca Camera bag is subtle and trendy

Star Wars Chewbacca

Some of us enjoy things that reside within the nerd or geek realm of things. While we enjoy reading, watching, and buying things associated with our beloved “insert your favorite thing here”, not everyone wants to wear blatant referential shirts, shoes, or bags. It’s not that we have a disdain for those things, it’s just a little too loud for our personal style.

If you’re more of the subtle nerd type who is also in love with photography and Star Wars, then you’re going to raise a curious yet intrigued eyebrow at this Chewbacca Camera Bag. It is officially licensed, and has padding all over so your gear will be safe from harm (unless you go out of your way to harm it). The inside has 3 padded dividers that use hook & loop to be adjustable. There are utility pockets that will give you space for your phone, pen, SD cards, and various other gadgets or trinkets.

There are also two side pouches for drinks, lenses, batteries, or whatever else you want to stuff in there. The shoulder strap, which is the main indicator of the material which inspired it, is adjustable, padded, and detachable. Of course, there are some subtle touches like the Rebel Alliance logo zipper pulls and the unmistakable logo on the flap and strap, but those blend into the material a bit more as they appear to have been pressed in. There is only the one main flap that closes with magnetic buckles, and the whole ordeal is made of polyurethane, polyester, and EPE foam. For only $49.99, it doesn’t look to be too shabby.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek