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Star Wars BB-8 Hologram Projecting Droid is the droid you’re looking for

bb8-projectorYou know for sure that just about everyone and their dog simply cannot wait for the middle of December to come soon enough – after all, that is when the latest instalment of Star Wars will hit the silver screens, and you can be sure that this is one movie which will achieve its fair share of box office records along the way. One of the things about this science fiction franchise would be its memorable characters, and in The Force Awakens, we have definitely gotten our hearts endeared to the BB-8 droid that rolled across the desert while beeping away. How about seeing yet another iteration of the BB-8 droid in the form of the $149.95 BB-8 Hologram Projecting Droid?

This is a unique smartphone-controlled BB-8 droid which will be able to project holographic messages, as it pays homage to R2-D2 sending a message in loop that Obi Wan Kenobi is her only hope. This rolling astromech droid will project holographic videos from a camera in its head, and it is also full well capable of handling a variety of commands such as “forwards” and “backwards”, while moving in the respective direction almost immediately. The free app will play nice with Android 4.4 and up or iOS 8 and up.