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Star Wars 3D Wall Lights perk up your home

sw-3d-walllightWith all of the hype and rage surrounding everything Star Wars these days, in a build up leading to the movie’s release in slightly more than a week’s time, it goes without saying that picking up merchandise associated with Star Wars is definitely something that is worth checking out – especially if you are a huge fan of the space opera. Having said that, we have seen the Darth Vader 3D Wall Light before, so here we are with a couple more different models to choose from – the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon, where either one will retail for £49.99 a pop.

The Star Wars 3D Wall Lights are guaranteed to light up the dark side of your home or office, where these spectacular wall mounted battery powered lights exude a certain kind of charm which cannot be found anywhere else. Not only that, since there are no wires or cables that will clutter up the place, you will be able to pretend that it is powered by ‘the Force’, although everyone knows that electricity would be running through it thanks to a trio of AAA batteries. Best of all is, it will not get hot to the touch.