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Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits for the little boy in you

star-wars-modelI am quite sure that growing up on a diet of Star Wars have made you more than a fan – in fact, you became obsessed with collecting just about all of the different Star Wars toys and collectibles that there are out there. However, you realized that when you grew up and entered the workforce, there are so many other expenses out there which are more essential than picking up yet another TIE Fighter model, that such a dream is shattered along the way. Perhaps it is time to rekindle the fire in your belly with the hugely affordable £11.99 Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits, where you can choose from the likes of the AT-AT, Millennium Falcon, R2-D2, TIE Fighter and the all time favorite, the X-Wing.

With five iconic vehicles and droids to choose from, you are spoilt for choice, and regardless of which model that you decide to bring home (or even all!) each of them will begin as two 10cm metal sheets. There will be easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, which means you need not have to fiddle around with glue or solder. All that you need to do is to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs and connect them at the attachment points, and voila, you’re good to go. These have all been laser etched and ludicrously detailed to elicit a sense of wonder in whoever looks at it.

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