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Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Flying Disc sports some out-of-the-box thinking

enterprise-discNow this is not something that you would be able to see every day – even if you are a massive Star Trek fan, and more or less figured out that you have seen just about anything and everything. Having said that, the $24.99 Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Flying Disc would be a very different kind of U.S.S. Enterprise toy, where it is actually a flying disc that has been specially shaped in order to look like the classic starship.

All you need to do is to throw the saucer section, and watch the rest of the ship follow suit as though like magic, and you can then make the entire experience all the more realistic by coming up with your very own sound effects, ripped straight from the TV series and movies. While this is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, it is also a fully licensed Star Trek product, so do expect a certain level of quality control put into its production. It is made out of space-age plastic and EVA foam, and should not break any windows if you’ve “piloted” it in the wrong direction.

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