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Star Trek TOS Phaser Laser Pointer

Star Trek fans, listen up! You have always wanted to own a laser pointer than you can call your own, although it would have been way cooler if said laser pointer came in the form of a Star Trek phaser. Well, that wish has now come true, never mind that we are still months away from Christmas, thanks to the availability of the $34.99 Star Trek TOS Phaser Laser Pointer.

This time around, things would definitely work differently as you can opt to set corporate presentation skills to “Stun!”, so go ahead and wow the rest of the board room with your eye for detail and slides, tiger! The Star Trek TOS Phaser Laser Pointer comes across as a tiny prop replica with meticulous details, and it also has an integrated keychain so that you are able to bring it with you everywhere. This is an officially licensed Star Trek TOS prop replica, and its red laser will be activated by the front trigger. Rock climbers too, might find this useful if they want to use their imagination and think that they are scaling some boulders in a far away, alien land.