Star Trek phaser doubles up as remote control

phaser-remote.jpgJust before you continue reading this post, I have one question to ask. Which franchise has the bigger set of fans – Star Wars or Trekkies? Both storylines cater to different kinds of people at varying levels of maturity, so I’ll let the comments section slug it out for the winner. In the meantime, Trekkies will be happy to know that they can now control virtually every single home entertainment device in their home with this actual replica of a handheld Type 1 phaser that was used by Captain James T. Kirk and his crew in the original Star Trek series as they went about discovering new worlds and duking it out with extra terrestrial lifeforms. Read on to find out what you can do with this Phaser.

For starters, the Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control is said to be able to control all your electronic entertainment systems remotely, but I wonder whether they work with the latest Blu-ray and HD DVD players. There is an extensive library of access codes for TVs (hopefully newer plasmas and LCD TVs are included as well), VCRs (who uses those these days?), cable, satellite, or DVD. If the only sports you indulge in is channel surfing, the Phaser remote does that wonderfully with a quick programming guide.

Additional features include an auto search feature for programming codes, while pressing a button will result in corresponding Star Trek sound effects courtesy of Paramount Pictures. If your other half is sick of hearing all those sound effects, just press the mute button and marital tiffs will be resolved. The Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote control runs on a quartet of AAA batteries and will retail for $69.95. Unfortunately, the item is currently out of stock. You’ll have to wait for a short while longer for the next intergalactic shipment to arrive.

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