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Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

You grew up watching Star Trek on your TV, and did keep your fingers crossed that one day, you will be able to pass on the love for the sci-fi franchise down to your next generation. Well, now that you’re married and all with a kid in tow, here’s your chance. Inculcate the early doctrines of Star Trek through subtle use of items around your kid, such as the $24.99 Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System.
After all, feeding a toddler is not an easy taks, as he/she tends to be extremely distracted, and sometimes when you’re tired, you do not want a lengthy feeding session since there are still a thousand and one other chores to finish up. Not with the Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System in tow though, since it will definitely capture the attention of your geekling, and guide all the food straight to his/her mouth without any problem. Batteries in the in plane are replaceable, although the ones in the bib are not.