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Star Trek Cookie Cutters

So you are a huge Star Trek fan and figured out that interstellar travel does get boring after a while, leading you to think of new ways to make sure that the next frontier you explore will be accompanied by some comfort food from earth, and what better combination that milk and cookies to whet that appetite? This is where the $19.99 Star Trek Cookie Cutters come in, where you are able to play around with a set of five out of this world cookie cutters. These come spring-mounted die for imprinting designs, allowing budding cookie lovers to help you in the kitchen as you regale them with tales of your space travel, back in the days when Spock was still young.
Just what kind of designs will the five cookie cutters come in? For starters, they feature the symbols of the Federation and Klingon Empire, the U.S.S. Enterprise, a phaser, and a Live Long and Prosper hand. This is an officially licensed Star Trek collectible just in case you were wondering, so do not worry that you would be purchasing a knockoff with this puppy.