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Star Trek Captain Kirk Bookend helps keep your precious tomes in order

kirk-bookendYou have amassed for yourself quite a collection of books in recent times, and would love to have them arranged carefully on your beautifully manicured bookshelf. Rather than settle for boring old bookends, you might want to check out the $134.99 Star Trek Captain Kirk Bookend that might sound rather expensive at first, but if you are a true blue Trekkie fan, then surely it would be worth occupying a position on your bookshelf.

What makes the Star Trek Captain Kirk Bookend all the more desirable for fans of the Star Trek series would be the fact that this is a limited edition collectible with a maximum run of just 600 produced for the world, and each of them will be hand-numbered on the packaging as well as base, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Needless to say, if you would like to be a captain like Captain Kirk and get out of tight situations each time, creative thinking is required, which is why you will find that the Star Trek Captain Kirk Bookend can be used for far more than holding up books, as it can handle the likes of DVDs, CDs, and others. Why not let your dog also have a taste of Captain Kirk’s goodness while you are at it?

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