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Star Trek Business Card Cases for the Trekkie in you

star-trek-business-card-caseIf you happen to be a huge fan of all things Star Trek, then I am quite sure that you would have done all in your power to ensure that you have collected as many things as possible that are associated or connected to the space age, science fiction series. Well, if you are running your own business, or happen to have a stack of business cards that have your name and big time position emblazoned across, perhaps it would be prudent to consider the $29.99 Star Trek Business Card Cases as opposed to other kinds of business card cases?

The Star Trek Business Card Case will be different from all other business card cases that you have come across, since the name itself gives the game away. For starters, it will boast of an embossed metal Star Trek business card case, where you will be able to select from either Command Insignia or NCC-1701 to suit your taste. Sleek, stylish, and classic, this is the perfect manner in which you exchange digits with other new business acquaintances. It does make you wonder, however, what happens when you come head to head with one of those Star Wars fanboys.