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Star Trek Beam Me Up Heat Change Ceramic Travel Mug

star-trek-mugWell, some of us happen to be Star Wars fans, while others prefer the world of Star Trek, and if there is something that you need to know, neither one of these ‘realms’ are set to remain exclusive of one another. You can have an overlap in interests, you know, and if you happen to lean more on the Star Trek side of things then the $16.99 Star Trek Beam Me Up Heat Change Ceramic Travel Mug would make for the perfect gift.

One one side lies the Command insignia, while the opposite side would carry an empty transporter pad and the words “Beam me up Scotty”. Whenever any sort of hot liquid is added into the mix, Captain Kirk will begin to materialize on the transporter pad, now how about that for cool? This is an officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series merchandise, and the included travel lid will be able to slide to enable access to your 20oz of frothing hot goodness. Do bear in mind that it is not microwave safe and not dishwasher safe.