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The Staple-Free Stapler is a paper folding genius


There will come a time, when a myriad of papers need binding, and you will have no more staples with which to hold fast your documents. This is always a pain, as you have to go on the hunt for the box of staples, which might be completely depleted before you even get to it. Of course, even when you find some to reload your stapler, you have to waste one or two to make sure they’re set correctly. Even then it might jam, forcing you to waste more.

If you’d rather do away with staples, then you can get the Harinacs Staple-Free Stapler. This can take up to 8 sheets of paper at once, with which it will punch, loop, and interlock them together. This means you won’t have any chance of a jam, jagged metal bits, or anything to remove before putting documents in the shredder. This is made out of stainless steel and ABS plastic, and will require a little hand strength from you to be of any use.

This is going to cost you $16, which isn’t much considering the amount of money you won’t have to spend on staples from here on out. Unless you have more than eight papers to bind together that is. This would be great for home, office, or school alike, and is far safer for tiny tots as they can’t stab themselves on anything. Although, the same can be said for adults.

Available for purchase on MoMa