The Stanley LED Torch Watch


Those of you that enjoy your Stanley tools might not mind that this watch is incredibly bulky.  It’s said to have some convenient perks to it.  One of which being that they managed to fit a small flashlight on the watch.  Which means this is either a really big watch or a really tiny flashlight holder.  It just depends on your outlook.

This Stanley branded wristband also comes with a miniature toolbox container to keep the watch within.  The watch itself has a backlight to make it possible to see the time in all conditions.  It also has a timer and an alarm.  The small torch is attached to the top part of the watch and will make it possible to see whatever it is you happen to be working on.  You can purchase the Stanley LED Torch Watch for $58 from Watch Brando.  Although this probably would be a ridiculous watch to wear on a regular basis, it would be helpful for certain situations.

Source: OhGizmo