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The Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer lets you do something else while waiting

bt-bbq-thermometerHow has your summer been so far? Perhaps it is full of fun and you have had your fair share of outdoor adventures, that you might want to opt to wind down the rest of the summer with plenty of relaxation and barbeque sessions. Grilling or BBQ-ing a stack of meat is not as straightforward as mixing a cup of instant coffee. There is plenty of skill that makes up part of the equation, and a whole lot of it also boils down to experience. However, who said that technology cannot help us master the art of delivering palate-pleasing BBQs? This is where the $79.95 Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer comes in handy.

After all, barbecuing is hard work, and more often than not the barbecuer would want to have a few minutes of respite after slaving away for long periods of time. This thermometer allows the barbecuer to go away from his post for a while, as it will wirelessly send alerts to a smartphone or a tablet. Being different from standard thermometers that require personal inspection, this model’s wireless transmitter will be able to transmit real-time data to an iPhone/iPad or Android app from up to 160′ away, alerting you when a pre-selected temperature is reached, or if you so desire, when your barbecue falls within the optimal cooking range. It sports a pair of 36″-long probes that deliver readings from up to 572° F, and allow an at home chef to cook two types of meat simultaneously, regardless of whether it is on the grill or in an oven. Each water-resistant transmitter will receive data from the probes and transmit it to the smart device.