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Stair Stepping Smarter Cart eases lugging heavy stuff up the stairs

stair-stepping-smarter-cartIt goes without saying that any home with more than a single storey would more often than not come with a flight of stairs, and as to whether the stairs are in a linear fashion or otherwise, that really depends on the individual in the home. Well, you would need to have a whole load of money in order to install an elevator in a 2-storey house, not to mention the amount of electricity that it consumes. Why not go for some stylishly designed stairs instead? Well, those might be nice, but they can be rather tricky when it comes to lugging up some of the heavier stuff. The $129.95 Stair Stepping Smarter Cart would be able to get the job done without straining your back.

This happens to be a collapsible cart that has a trio of tires on each end that “walk” up and down stairs, allowing it to effortlessly transport loads of up to 100 lbs. It will be different from that of a traditional two-wheeled handcart which requires its porter to support the weight while scaling a curb or bumping from stair tread to tread. After all, this patented six-wheeled cart will ensure that four wheels remain on the ground at all times, and the rubber tires will maintain contact with both the horizontal tread and the vertical riser on each step, which will in turn prevent any human straining and the jostling of cart contents.

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