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This Stainless Steel Rub Away Bar can remove the fish and garlic smell from your hands

Amco Rub Away Bar When you love to cook, it’s easy to spend several hours in the kitchen. There’s always a new recipe to try, and new flavors to experience. Of course, making a delicious meal means preparing a lot of different ingredients. There’s usually one “stinky” food in the mix that is going to leave a rather unpleasant aroma on your hands, even after the cleanup process and washing your hands more times than you can count. Regular soap isn’t going to cut it for tough smells like onion, garlic, and fish, so you may need to call in the reinforcement. You wouldn’t think rubbing your hands on stainless steel would work, but who am I to tell an age-old kitchen trick it’s wrong? The Amco Rub Away Bar looks like a regular bar of soap, but is in fact, made of stainless steel. This may seem like a weird way to do things, and while there doesn’t seem to be hard factual data as to why this works, there are a myriad of stainless steel soap bars on the market (something-something sulfur is attracted to this metal, but not really sure past that).

Regardless of whether or not we really know how it works, it could be useful. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work on all strong smells. If you’d like to give it a shot and see how it works, this will cost around $8 should you be interested. There are more and less expensive versions of this out there, but it is said that a stainless steel knife or sink can do the same. Just make sure you rub for 30 seconds with cold or lukewarm water, otherwise it won’t do anything.

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