Square Audio Spotlight Speakers


Holosonic Research Labs has rolled out its new Square Audio Spotlight Speakers in both 16″ and 24″ formats, making them just nice for architectural installations as well as exhibit displays, bringing improved sonic performance and power efficiency in order to further broaden its range of applications. These square panel formats are what some would term impossibly thin, measuring a mere 0.5″ in thickness, being perfectly flat at the same time. Since they’re so slim, they can just about be mounted almost anywhere, be it solid or suspended ceilings and walls, or even integrated into the display and special exhibits themselves.

The AS-24 models will be able to fit directly into standard 2×2 ceiling tiles, making life much easier for those who want to install it, and unless you’re a very keen observer of your surroundings, chances are you won’t be able to notice the almost invisible AS-24. Special mounting brackets come with each purchase in order to enable customers to aim the speaker at the direction they want, providing them with the same precision in distributing sound that they are used to having with lighting. Features include improved sonic performance and power efficiency in order to open up new applications for a wider range of voice, music and sound material.

Another advantage of its extreme slimness would be weight, or rather, the lack of it, making it a snap to hang just about anywhere. Available in either white or black colors, you will be able to preserve the quiet surrounding atmosphere despite directing the sound to exactly where you want to. This new system will be powered by an enhanced processor/amplifier which is no larger than a paperback book. Not only that, it is efficient, robust, and can be easily incorporated into any audio design project. No word on pricing, but they shouldn’t rank too cheap IMHO.

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