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SpyFinder PRO provides you with additional peace of mind

Technology has advanced to such a degree these days that it is all too easy to cram a digital camera or digital video recorder module of some sort into an everyday object, such as a watch, a pen, or even a simple looking vase. With that in mind, many of us do wonder about whether the hotel room that we are staying in for that particular night is free from any sort of hidden spy cameras or two-way mirrors. How about the mushrooming number of bed & breakfast places as well as budget hostels? Some of those do look dodgy on their own. Spy Associates has something that might provide you with peace of mind: the SpyFinder PRO.

The SpyFinder PRO happens to be a security and privacy tool that will be able to help find and stop hidden cameras from recording private moments. Having been more than fully funded many times over on Kickstarter, the SpyFinder PRO will ensure that there is no camera which is able to ‘hide’ away from you whenever you check out that particular room in which you are going to sleep in for the night.

The SpyFinder PRO will be able to locate and expose any kind hidden camera lens within any room. It does not matter whether these cameras are turned on or are switched off, or whether they are recording or not, the SpyFinder PRO will still be able to weed them out. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, this makes the SpyFinder PRO universally usable as there is no need to worry about being unable to purchase such batteries no matter where you are.

It is capable of locating wireless and wired cameras, digital or analog ones, regardless of whether they are of the CCD, CMOS, CCTV or Fisheye varieties. The SpyFinder PRO gets the job done as long as these hidden cameras are within a 45 feet radius, and with 3 LED intensity levels to choose from, you can be sure that your upcoming holiday will be a really relaxing one without worries of someone spying on you.

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