The Spy Watch – GPS Tracker and Mobile Device for Kids

GPS Tracker and Mobile Device for Kids

It’s amazing how quickly our kids grow up, that being said I have to admit I still see my daughter as a little girl and I’m not really enjoying having to let her venture off to do things on her own. This year she wants to go trick-or-treating with her friends. What? No mom to take pictures, “test” the candy and watch for traffic? Is she nuts?

I know this next gadget isn’t the same as being there, but maybe it can help ease my transition into my kids more independent lifestyle. Welcome the Spy Watch, so much more than a time telling gadget, the Spy Watch is also an emergency communication device, MP3 player and a GPS tracker for kids. Over are the days where you had to wonder where your kids are right now, spending all day worrying if something might have happened.

The very cool looking wristwatch (kids actually want to wear it) features on demand GPS tracking when queried by guardian SMS message and it allows up to 6 GPS location waypoint presets, letting you to set boundaries and receive automatic SMS messages sent to your guardian numbers when the Spy Watch enters or leaves waypoint locations. As a communication device, the Spy Watch allows contact with up to 4 “guardian” phone numbers and of course it has parental controls that allow incoming and outgoing call blocking.

The Spy Watch comes in a rainbow of colors, has a band width of 20mm, and a casing diameter of around 50mm. The watch is rechargeable, comes equipped with a USB cable, charger, manual and earphones, and it can be on your kids wrist in time for trick-or-treating for only $109.99 from Me? I’m going with her, and making sure she can’t see me hiding behind the trees.