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Spy Video Car from Wildplanet Spy Gear Collection

Spy Video Car

I’ve got to like these new Spy Gear toys from the Wildplanet company. One of my favorites, and I am told, a lot of people’s favorites is the Spy Video Car.

Unfortunately, a Spy Video car isn’t one of those cool cars with lots of built-in gadgets like you would see in a spy video, but it is just as cool.

Simply put, this toy is a dream come true. It is a remote control car with a camera attached on the front. Unfortunately, the camera is a monochromatic job, but it does shoot in infrared.

The Spy Video Car comes in two parts, first the car itself, which has good controls and runs easily across carpet. I never tested it on rocky terrain, but I imagine in might do pretty well.

The controls have a specialized headset that attaches to the eyes like half pair of glasses. The result is kind of like seeing the image on the side like through your peripheral vision.

Granted, I’m not certain what kind of professional spywork you could do with this…toy, really, but hey, it’s loads of spying fun from up to 75 feet away.

You can get it on the Official Wild Planet Site for about $119.95.

2 thoughts on “Spy Video Car from Wildplanet Spy Gear Collection”

  1. Cool. I wish we had such spy gear when we were young.
    One type that is “sensitive” though are the microphones. As it is illegal to perform audio surveillance in most cases (except in your home) in many countries. So while i really love those spy gadgets, you still gotta be careful.

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