Spy Gear Evidence Kit, for kids who want to be CSIs

Evidence KitI think that most of us would agree that CSI: Crime Scene Investigation isn’t designed for six-year-olds. However, if you have a six-year-old that happened to watch it, then perhaps they would be inspired by the forensics people. This is assuming they wouldn’t have nightmares.

I am assuming that this is the target audience for the Spy Gear Evidence Kit. This All-in-One Inspection Set is designed for future detectives, as it highlights all the nifty aspects of it. For example, it has a 7 piece fingerprint kit that allows your kids to use lifting tape, glow in the dark powder, and an LED flashlight with UV Blacklight. This kit also has tiny ink case and a 2-sided fingerprint card for more fingerprint fun.

The Evidence Kit also has an interesting 30X microscope that you can see standing on end in the photo. It can definitely introduce youngsters to the concept of the microscopic world. It also comes with 2 collection bags in case your kids are playing very realistic cops and robbers for “tag it and bag it” fun.

The Evidence Kit is just neat enough to make any kid want to be an ace detective. For those who are looking for a stocking stuffer for their kids ages six and up might consider this one. It is available at the Shop Wild Planet website for about $22.95 (Sale Price).

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