The Sputnik Weather Station


If you’re into the steampunk trend, you’ll enjoy the look of this Sputnik Barometer Weather Station.  Although it is not steampunk itself, it offers that same almost antique look that is often featured with steampunk items.  Plus it keeps you informed on the weather.  It’s not as technical as all of the digital weather stations, but this one also looks far better sitting out in your home.  Sometimes it’s nice to mix in a little outdated technology when it looks this good.

The device will read barometric air pressure and gives temperature and humidity.  It measures everything in Celsius, so this won’t work for someone in the US.  That is unless you want to start converting everything from Fahrenheit to Celsius.  The weather station is finished in brass design and the sphere itself is made out of Plexiglas.  Of course, something that looks like this isn’t going to run for a cheap price.  It’s going to cost you £109.95 or about $182.

Source: UberReview