SPRiZZi Drink Machine is now a Kickstarter project

Before you wonder whether SPRiZZi is actually the name of a new fizzy carbonated drink, let us cut to the chase for you – it surely has something to do with carbonated drinks that the world have come to know and love. In fact, the SPRiZZi is touted to be the first full-service, in-home beverage dispenser of its kind that is capable of delivering over 60 ice-cold carbonated and non-carbonated drinks thanks to its practical design and easy-to-use, one-touch dispensing procedure. So much so that there has been much ado about it, that SPRiZZi has finally made its way as a Kickstarter project, so if you believe in it so much, put your money where your heart is, and keep your fingers crossed that there will be enough investors around to help make SPRiZZi a reality.

Just how did the idea of SPRiZZi come about? Michael Breault, Founder of Sprizzi drink-co., said, “As an active baseball and football coach with four sons, the number of soda cans and sports bottles we recycled as a family was outstanding, and that’s where the idea to build a personal beverage dispenser originated. Other household options like the SodaStream only carbonate your beverage – you still have to fetch your own water, refrigerate it and manually pour the syrup. SPRiZZi, on the other hand, chills water below 40 degrees, carbonates it automatically, adds just the right amount of flavoring, and pours your drink for you, allowing you to create up to 60 types of beverages with the single press of a button.”

The SPRiZZi Drink Machine has a new patent-pending revolutionary technology that clearly places this as the first of its kind which can carbonate, refrigerate, mix and dispense over 60 exclusive SPRiZZi flavors. It won’t occupy a space that is larger than a standard coffee machine, making it the perfect addition to your home, office or even dorm. Greenpeace activists can sleep in peace knowing that the SPRiZZi Drink Machine is eco-friendly thanks to its utilization of tap water in order to filter and pour beverages, boasting of thermal cooling technology, and 100% recyclable plastic flavor bullets. Individual syrup-infused flavor bullets will pour a 16-ounce, ready-to-drink beverage, where you can choose from classic flavors (colas, orange soda, etc.), non-carbonated options (such as lemonade and tea), old-fashioned gourmet flavors (cream sodas and more), lite flavors (ranging from tea to soda), sports drinks, fruit juices and vitamin/protein/energy-enhanced drinks, to Kidz (made with half the sweetner) and Kidz plus flavors (enriched with vitamins and electrolytes).

$197 is the starting pledge required to receive a SPRiZZi Drink Machine, which is still far more affordable than the projected retail price of $399 when SPRiZZi starts to ship later this August should all go well.

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