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The SpreadTHAT Knife uses body heat to easily spread butter


Butter is the best thing to go in and on everything. It’s creamy, sweet, and will add copious amounts of fat to anything it touches. It is most commonly known as being on toast, but it’s a delicate operation to get it to spread easily coming right out of the fridge. There are ways you can work around it, but it all usually comes down to timing.

You can leave your butter out before you make your toast or run warm water over your knife before using it, but there have to be more interesting ways of getting the job done, right? We looked at a delightful option called ButterUp which grates butter off of the stick so it will be easy to spread on bread. However, you could just use your own body heat to warm up the blade instead. The SpreadTHAT knife is a minimalist butter knife that will allow you to carve and spread cold butter more easily through heat conduction.

It warms up quickly, and starts softening butter at 20 seconds. The titanium coating is non-toxic and food safe, and there are different color accents to choose from. Obviously no batteries or charging are required as you only need to hold this for it to work. Of course, whether or not you’ll actually find it effective will be up to personal discretion. You’ll likely still want to run this under warm water or hold it in your hand for a while before you spread the butter.┬áThis will take less time than using a regular knife, but it’s not exactly doing you any favors, which may make it another $20 gimmicky tool that gets shoved to the back of the kitchen drawer.

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