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Spray in any direction with the ANYWAY Spray Bottle

I realize that I’m not exactly the master of cleaning, and one of the reasons I avoid cleaning is that I hate the spray bottles that they come in.

I’m sure you have experienced this when using a spray bottle, but sometimes it just jams. Either the trigger freezes up, or it just doesn’t work no matter how many times you pump it. Sometimes, it trickles out what is in the bottle, and that just plain sucks. This would happen on times when the spray bottle was turned on an angle or upside down.

Fortunately, the ANYWAY spray bottle is prepared to spray at any angle. Click on the jump to figure out how it can do this.

It has a spray dip tube with a hydrophilic membrane that can attract liquids which make it possible to spray as long as any part of this dip tube is touching the liquid in the bottle. This is opposed to a regular dip tube that has that single hole in the bottom. The spray bottle problems that I mentioned before are a result of the bottom of the tube not being submerged.

It’s pretty amazing that someone has invested the time and effort to improve spray bottle science, but I can’t help but wonder if this will help me clean more. Probably not.


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