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Spotify Launches in the US And We Have Some FREE Invites

Spotify has been something of a music phenomena in Europe, it lets you stream and listen to music legally and for free. It’s catalogue of tracks totals over 15 million with more being added constantly and we are happy to report it is now available in the USA.
You can use Spotify via an application on your PC or on your cell phone (there are dedicated apps for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows and Palm), though you will need to go for a paid subscription to use the mobile service. You create playlists of your favourite tunes and can listen to and share them via services like and expand your music repertoire by playing playlists created by people with similar tastes.
Presently it is in an invite only beta in the US but happy to say we have 48 invites to give away, if you’re US based and would like to start using Spotify leave a comment on our facebook page or down below and we’ll get an invite out to you.

94 thoughts on “Spotify Launches in the US And We Have Some FREE Invites”

  1. I came over from Facebook like you asked to give you my email for an invite to Spotify. It sounds great!

  2. An invitation would be appreciated if y’all have any left. Jtbrimhall at gmail. Mondo appreciated.

  3. I’d love an invite, been waiting since you first anounced the service… Thank you in advance.

  4. I came over from Facebook too like you asked for me to give you my email address for a US Spotify invite. Thanks!!!

  5. My ancient Angophile PC said if I can’t stream Helen Shapiro & Almo Cogan today, it will blow up my soundcard.

  6. ******
    All invites have now been sent, if we get any more we’ll let you know. Sorry to everybody who missed out, we issued on a first come first served basis

  7. thanx for the invitation to pay for the service what a joke I coulda done that my self. spotify and now also coolest gadgets is a joke play fair or not at all.

  8. Would love to try Spotify via invite. Looking for competitive alternative to LostFM Nd Googgle Music.

  9. Hi, i would like to get an invite. I have heard too much good things about Spotify and I would really like to try it out. Congratulations and here’s wishing you more success. Cheers!!

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