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SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera comes with a new sleep mode

spotcam-wifiSecurity would be at the top of most people’s minds these days, regardless of whether it is in the home, or around it. Thanks to the wonders of technology, video surveillance has become quite the big cottage industry by itself, not to mention a profitable one. While there are other home video monitoring systems around in the market that do get the job done Рand done well, here is another alternative that you might want to take into consideration Рthe SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera.

The SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera is unique in its own way, as it comes with a brand new sleep mode that will ensure it captures only the moments that matter, hence saving you from having to sift through hours and hours of useless video. This would include both motion and audio disturbances, where the SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera will then be brought to life, so to speak.

Users will be able to set the SpotCam into Sleep Mode for a specified time in the day through the iOS or Android app, or to do so from the web browser. While it is in Sleep Mode, SpotCam will not perform any transfer of video or audio data, which would in return, help you to save unnecessary network bandwidth usage.

There are also additional settings which can be applied in order to allow the SpotCam to wake up whenever there is the presence of motion and/or sound activity. The moment it is triggered by such disturbances, the SpotCam start to capture and transmit what could be vital footage or evidence to the cloud instantly.

Not only that, the SpotCam would excel at home surveillance and monitoring thanks to its superior night vision camera performance, motion detection with instant notification, and free 24 hour video playback. Expect the SpotCam to be available for $149.99 a pop, where there are different recording plans to choose from. 24 hour recording is free, while 3-day, 7-day and 30-day recording would cost $3.95, $5.95 and $19.95 monthly, respectively, or $39, $59 and $199 annually, respectively.

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