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SPOT Connect – No Cell Service, No Problem

I have a very good friend, that is not only a fantastic guy, he devotes quite a bit of his time to helping others. He is an EMT, he participates in search and rescue, he’s been in third world countries dispensing medical care. I hear some of the stories, and I am amazed at how many horrible tragedies could have been avoided with proper communication. I also worry about his safety as well.
Well, now “no service” cell phone issues can become a thing of the past. The new SPOT Connect will actually turn your smartphone ┬áinto a satellite communicator. So in your exploration of the great outdoors, whether it be for work or pleasure, you simply need to pair your smartphone with the waterproof SPOT Connect, and the power of a vast global satellite network is literally, in your hands.
So whether you’re just out camping and feel the need to update your Facebook pages, or send an e-mail to your mom, easily done. Conversely, if you have a critical emergency and need to request assistance or have an SOS sent on your behalf, your SPOT Connect is there for you as well.
The SPOT Connect has several other worthwhile features, depending on your particular degree of rugged outdoor adventure, including SOS, Help, tracking, check-ins/OK and pre-set messaging that sends GPS location to your selected recipients as well. The SPOT Connect is only around $135 bucks. A small price to pay don’t you think? Get one for yourself or someone you love at