SportsCast Wireless Scoreboard offers free Football stats

SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard
Having access to football information when there isn’t a radio, TV, or internet around can be a tricky situation. One of the options is to ask someone the score of a game, but in case you are home alone, it is impossible to do so, in the end you keep wondering if your team lost the match, or if next week’s game is easy, or if the stats are good.

Well, with the SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard you are able to check all that information, and much more. The Scoreboard works wirelessly (connects to a satellite) to get game stats about a specific game, which are updated every 15 minutes. This solution means that you don’t need a TV, a computer, or a radio, in order to know how your football team is performing.

Besides the game-by-game stats details, the SportsCast is also able to display information about schedules, standings, scores and so on. There are even special features related to regular, playoff season, pre-season, and off season.

This digital scoreboard needs 4 AA batteries to work, and it might take up to 30 minutes to get a signal from the satellite, so you got more chances if you place the device close to a window.

One strange detail is that there is no need to pay for a subscription, it is all for free, that is, after paying $100.

If you are really interested in the SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard, the review made by a customer at Brookstone might make it all clearer to you:

This neat little gadget has only two flaws, it uses the Patriots in its advertising, and the graphics are uninspiring. They look just like the newspaper.

But, that familiarity makes the information clear and concise. It’s a fun and valuable resource and would make a great gift for anyone who is locked in the office all day and wants to take a glance at the scores or standings from the weekend.

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Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer