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The Spooner – WAY More Fun Than it Looks

Did you ever see something that didn’t look like much, didn’t seem like it could do much, and thought to yourself, who would buy one of these? And then, as if someone read your mind, they showed you what it could do, and you had so much fun in that 15 minutes that you knew that “thing” was a winner? I have. Meet the Spooner, a virtually indestructible balance board that spins, flips, wobbles and slides. It’s a skateboard with no wheels, a surfboard with no waves, just add snow and it’s a sled or a snowboard, but add a kid, and it’s all of those and more. Don’t miss the video HERE. So grab a Spooner and simulate skateboard or surfing tricks or brush up on your snowboarding techniques either on or off season. The Spooner board has been designed with your kids safety in mind and I know what you’re thinking, YES it keeps your floors safe as well. It’s time for the kids to be up and off the couch and while your kids are free styling on the Spooner Board, they are also improving core stability, balance, coordination and their gross-motor skills The Spooner, it may not look like much, but it’s a blast! The Spooner is available now from for less than $40.00 bucks. PRESS RELEASE ]]>