Spooky Ice Planet Laboratory

If you think that you have the imagination of Geiger and can come up with something as creepy as aliens and other xenomorphs, then you might want to invest $19.99 in the Spooky Ice Planet Laboratory. This is one unique way of creating creepy crystalized creatures, and it also allows you to study the properties of crystals in this science kit itself. While anyone from as young as 10 is able to use this, I’m quite sure the older ones out there would also be able to have their fair share of fun with it as well.
Who says that you need to wait until Halloween to have your fun with creepy, spooky, and scary stuff? This crystal growing kit will allow those with a penchant for science to check out crystal properties while creating their own version of monsters. There is also a workbench tray that will hold all of the crystal making tools, not to mention molded wells for planting trees and situating sentinel bugs, a skeleton, and the Ice Lord himself.
A full-color Instruction Booklet is thrown into the mix to help you get started right out of the box, and even better news is this – there is no need for a fridge to get this going.