Splash Power – The Wireless Gadget Charger

Splash PowerOne of the problems with having a bucket load of electronic gadgets is the need for a multitude of chargers and all the cables to boot. A typical techie can often be found carrying around a cellphone, GPS, PDA, camera, MP3 player etc and if they need charging that means a bag full of spaghetti cables and chargers.

A much more elegant solution is the SplashPower SplashPad that can charge multiple gadgets at the same time wirelessly.

To use you can simply place any Splash enabled device on the SplashPad and it will charge as if connected to a normal charger. For a device to be Splash compatible it needs fitting with a SplashModule™ this could either be done at the manufacturing stage or as a discreet add-on.

The technology works by using Electromagnetic induction, I have an electric toothbrush which uses the same technology and it really does work, which still seems a bit like magic to me (though I must admit it’s not as good at cleaning as my regular manual brush).

More information is available from SplashPower, found via The Cool Hunter.