Splash Chopping Board adds some drama to your kitchen and meal times

splash-chopping-boardWhen you turn on the TV these days, you might actually stop to pause and think – there is just nothing good to watch on TV at all, never mind the fact that the total number of channels available to you these days are a few hundred times more than those your grandparents had available when they were young, which could be pretty ironic when you think about it. Well, the TV has plenty of shows these days, and some shows tend to concentrate more of the sombre side of life, including murder. The classic murder scene would see a weapon left behind that caused the death, as well as a pool of blood near the victim’s body. With the £15.00 Splash Chopping Board, you are able to make sure that folks who drop by your kitchen would be able to have a conversation starter.

The Splash Chopping Board after all, comes with an ingenious dripping design that makes it stable against the side of the kitchen counter. It will add a splash of (sometimes controversial) color to your kitchen whenever you’re chopping ingredients, and with the vertical drip that can be removed in a jiffy, it can transform into a completely flat worktop saver without missing a beat. Clever!