SPLASH Bathroom LCD TV with iPod Dock


What do you do when you have an overabundance of money, cable television, an iPod and an intense love of baths? Ok, so perhaps that’s a really specialized problem that not many people have…however there’s a product that will fill that need to a T.

The SPLASH 17.1-inch widescreen water resistant LCD TV is a marvel of modern technology for the bathroom. It features a touch sensitive power and standby button, an iPod/mp3 player docking station, a heated screen to prevent condensation and a 176-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle. You can purchase the SPLASH TV in black, white or a number of pastel shades.

There is no chance of dust penetration as it is supplied as a sealed unit. The water resistant remote control can be used with wet hands, so even changing a channel requires no effort. You can safely fit in the 17.1-inch flat screen Waterproof TV anywhere in your bathroom to enjoy the ultimate in luxury bathroom TV.

Highlights of the Features:
17.1” High Quality LCD Screen.
Touch sensitive Power and Standby button.
Heated screen to prevent condensation.
Water tight seal front and rear to meet all current wet room electrical regulations (IP66).
Compatability with Systemline Modular Local Input.
Simple to install, supplied as a sealed unit so no dust penetration between glass and screen.

If you’re feeling like you really need this product, the suggested retail price is £1650.00 (currently, apx. $3500)

[Via GeekSugar]