Spion Orbiter makes eavesdropping easy

spion-orbitor.jpgEver did the dishes in the kitchen, looking out the window while wondering what was Mrs. Jones talking about to Mrs. Potts next door over the fence? Of course you don’t have super sensitive hearing like Daredevil or Superman, but you definitely know you want in on their hush-hush conversation. Is it something juicy about Mr. Jones and his supposed friendship with his secretary? Could she be gossiping about how you let Rover run free, performing his business on your neighbor’s lawn instead? Put all those speculative thoughts to rest with the Spion Orbitor Electronic Listening Device. This unique device is capable of zooming in on conversations within a range of 300 feet without any obstacles in between, of course.

This handheld device not only lets you hear normal conversations, it is also handy in the hands of neighborhood watchers for the overall safety and indispensable if you are a bird watcher. Each unit comes with a comfortable grip and a portable parabolic dish which is used to capture and amplify distant sounds. The inclusion of a 10x spyglass helps you keep track of your target, while bringing the object of your surveillance closer by ten times.

Sounds are transmitted to the padded over-the-ear headphones that were specially designed to reduce ambient noise. In case there is too much background noise that interferes with the latest gossip in town, you can always adjust the Frequency Controller accordingly. A built-in recorder that is capable of storing up to 2 minutes’ worth of sounds adds more value to this electronic listening device. Powered by a single 9V battery, the Spion Orbitor Electronic Listening Device retails for $60.

Source: Ubergizmo

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