Spinning Tow Ball for water sports lovers

If you happen to have the penchant for water sports, then the Spinning Tow Ball is just the thing for you as you seek for ever new experiences in getting that new adrenaline rush high. This inflatable tow ball can spins 360ยบ on its horizontal axis while careening across the water, being pulled by a boat. It spans 78″ in diameter, where the ball itself is composed of two hulls, an outer shell that glides across the water as well as a recessed 60″ diameter inner shell suspended by 114 shock absorbing nylon cords. This results in a human sized open-ended sphere which accommodates one rider up to 250 lbs. A swivel joint which attaches the ball’s front to a boat’s tow rope allows the rider to push against the interior using a trio of sturdy handholds to begin (or counteract) the spinning motion. As for the chamber’s shock absorption, it enables riders to enjoy the inherent jostles, caroms, and rotations that result from a full-speed joyride. Thanks to its durable 24-gauge PVC construction, the Spinning Tow Ball is more than able to withstand bumps, scrapes, and repeated buffeting by water and rider. Good thing you need not rely on lung power to inflate this puppy since it comes with a heavy duty valve which is pump-friendly. The price for adventure? $799.95.