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Spinning Spaghetti Forks automates your dining session

spinning-forkI suppose part of the fun when it comes to eating spaghetti would be manually spinning your fork round and round, hoping to get one long and unbroken strand of spaghetti onto your fork so that you would have a fantastic time chewing on that one mouthful. Even more so when the spaghetti itself is perfectly cooked, being springy without breaking up all too easily, and has soaked in the flavors of the gravy. Well, in another way where life gets more and more automated would be the $29.95 Spinning Spaghetti Fork.

A set of these Spinning Spaghetti Forks are pretty much self explanatory – these are motorized forks which can rotate to twirl strands of spaghetti, ensuring that you end up with a perfectly neat bite all the time. There is a thumb-activated button which is located on the handle itself that will send the prongs to turn at a rate of 22 rpm, allowing it to smoothly wind pasta into a mess-free mouthful. This eliminates the need to fumble in an awkward manner with a helper spoon, and neither do you have to slurp up long noodles. It handles just about any other gauge of stringed pasta, including linguini, fettuccine, and vermicelli. Each purchase comprises of a set of two Spinning Spaghetti Forks, and they will individually be powered by a couple of AAA batteries.