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The Spindle Perpetual Calendar – time keeps on spinning

Spindle Perpetual Calendar

No matter how much we wish we could stop or slow it down, time is one of those things that will never cease. The only hard part is keeping track of when you are. If you so much as blink, hours can slip by. When you’re overtly busy it seems like days or even weeks can pass without too much fanfare. If you are constantly in need of reminders of when you are, you likely want more than your phone and computer clock to keep you in the know.

While you will have to reset it at the end of each month, the Spindle Perpetual Calendar will give you the specific day of the month and week. It’s only four inches tall and two inches in diameter, meaning it’s not going to take up much space on your desk. The background color is black, while the numbers and days primarily stand out in white. The only lettering that is in red is Sunday and the first of the month, so that your eye can easily place what is when.

This is made of ABS plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and magnets. The top section doesn’t come off, but can freely spin on the base so you can set the days with the appropriate columns for your current month. This is going to cost you $24.95, and will make for the perfect desk accessory. Just remember that another reminder of what day it is will not make you better at keeping up with the current schedule you have, as it will only make you more aware of how much or little time left you have to get your work done.

Available for purchase on MoMA