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The SpinChill helps cool your drink down in no time at all

Spin Chille

When you want an icy cold beverage from a can or bottle, you would normally go to the refrigerator and pull out your drink of choice. Of course, there’s always the occasion where you don’t have that luxury. Say you’re on a picnic, and haven’t had enough time for it to cool, or ran out, and had to buy more at the store, but also haven’t had the time to let it chill. How are you supposed to enjoy the little things in life if your drink isn’t cold?!

If you have the patience of a six year old and want cold drinks in a minute or less, then this SpinChill can help you with that. This will drop the temperature of whatever can of liquid you’re trying to chill by 45 degrees in one minute. It is pocket-sized for those that venture far from the fridge more often than not, and can chill up to 300 cans before needing new batteries.

We all know that anything carbonated doesn’t like to be shaken or stirred, so this has been created to spin the can or bottle smoothly so that nothing will explode or make too much foam. While this can work on beer and wine bottles, it will take significantly more time to work its magic. Glass bottles with 12 ounces of liquid take 3 minutes, and wine bottles take 5 minutes. This is only going to cost you around $20, but you’ll need 4AA batteries handy at all times in case this dies on you, because no one wants a warm drink.

Available for purchase on ohgizmo

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