Spin Your Own Web with Spiderman’s Web Blaster

Origins Spiderman Web Blaster
The third movie of the Spiderman saga is bringing up all sorts of spider gadgets and toys to the market, but none of them come close to this Origins Spiderman Web Blaster, a toy that throws out a triple-stream web fluid so your kids can spin their own web and feel just like Peter Parker.

Designed for children at least five years old, this kit is composed of a Web Blaster, a special glove and two cans of fluid. All your kids need to do is insert the can in the blaster, put on the glove, pull the trigger and start spinning three streams of web fluid or water, just like Spidey. The gadget makes electronic web slinging sounds while it’s in action, adding more realism to the fun.

I should probably warn you that with the Web Blaster your kids will certainly make a huge mess in your house, but at least they won’t break anything, and it will be easy to clean afterwards.

The Web Blaster kit costs US$ 20 at Amazon. Find out more about the Web Blaster at Hasbro.

Via Toyology.