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Spin Me brings new twist to Valentine’s Day

The younger versions of us would have had quite a great time with Spin the Bottle during the days where other forms of entertainment were not as pervasive, but this time round we have a more provocative version for those who are all grown up – Spin Me. What’s Spin Me all about? Well, the whole idea would be to place the ceramic bottle on its side and give it a whisk – wherever it stops and whoever is on the receiving end of its pointer will have to take an ‘Adventure Strip’ and perform the printed task. Some of these include starting a pillow fight, tickling, and even leaning for a random kiss. We think this is all harmless fun and would play better with some booze lying around for folks to be less conscious about their behavior. £22.95 is a small price to pay for a stay-at-home Valentine’s Day gift, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Spin Me brings new twist to Valentine’s Day”

  1. Yeah, harmless fun till someone gets shot by a gun because they was kissing someone else’s wife. These games are for younger people who have no life, not adults who wish to relive their high school acne years LOL! But if your the type who doesn’t understand what it means to be faithful to your partner, by all means knock yourself out and have fun and fuck everyone… Don’t cry later when your doctor tells you you’ve contracted some STD.

  2. Wow…
    sounds like you have been involved in a game of spin the bottle that has gone wrong.

    For some reason I am wondering if this resulted in you having an STD, lol

    Lighten up

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