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These Spiky Massage Balls help your feet recover after a long day

Spikey Massage Balls

If you work a job that has you on your feet all day long, then you know how wonderful it is to come home, take off your shoes, and elevate your tootsies. Your feet always take the worst beating throughout the day as they’re moving the weight of your body and fighting gravity. It’s difficult to have enough time and money to make it to a massage therapist, so if you don’t want to put your foot in your lap and take care of it yourself, getting a tool to do the job for you would be the next best thing.

While you could use a tennis ball to massage the bottoms of your feet, these Spiky Massage Balls might be a better option. Not only are they going to give a pinpointed deep tissue massage to your liking, but will also provide some acupressure therapy due to the spikes. These measure around 3 inches, which means they could even travel with you to work for those rare moments you get to sit down.

This is intended for use on any muscle groups on your body, and will take the stress off of your hands to do the dirty work. These will help with tension, circulation, stiffness, myofascial release, and more. Of course, that’s if you’re using them correctly and regularly. I have a version of these made of wood and they do quite a bit of good for my hands after hours of writing, so I can imagine these would have the same effect. While this set will cost you $12.99, it would certainly be money well-spent for those who are often stiff and sore.

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