Spiderpodium flexible travel dock

For those of you that have a smartphone of some kind, you might want a more convenient way to watch all of those videos.  Sure, you could just hold onto it, but that’s not nearly as much fun.  It’s much nicer to just kick back and pretend you’re back home sitting on your comfortable couch watching a movie on your TV.  Well thankfully although this stand will make your phone look a little creepy, it’ll make it so that you can watch videos while you’re away from home in true comfort.

These Spiderpodiums are extremely lightweight and are compact enough to slip into your pocket.  It’s compatible with most compact handheld devices.  That includes things like normal cellphones, smartphones, gaming systems, MP3 players, camcorders and even portable projectors.  These aren’t out just yet, but they are available for pre-order.  They’ll cost you £14.99 or about $23 and will be out on March 29th.

Source:  ChipChick

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